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[Seattle Go Center] Watch Party tonight Saturday for 4th AlaphaGo Game

Regardless of the outcome of the final two games, tonight and Monday, Lee Sedol 9p has put up an awesome fight. Humanity can be proud. Come to the Go Center tonight as we cheer him on to a possible win against AlphaGo. We had about 20 people last night to watch the game.

The Go Center will be open at 1pm, per usual on a Saturday. The game will start at 8pm. Don't forget to put your parking passes out. After the game, Daylight Savings Time will jump us ahead one hour. So Monday's game will start at 9pm, instead of the usual 8pm.

The game will also be broadcast in English on two YouTube channels.  The official Google DeepMind YouTube Channel will have commentary intended for a general audience by Go professional Michael Redmond 9p, and Chris Garlock of the AGA E-journal. 
Redmond grew up in California, but lives in Japan, where he is a top ranked player with the Japan Go Association (Nihon Ki-in).

The American Go Association YouTube Channel will have deeper analysis for Go players by Korean pro Myungwan Kim 9p, and our own Andrew Jackson 4d, starting an hour later.

Be sure to check out the 15 min summary analysis of games one and two on the DeepMind YouTube channel.

-- Dennis Wheeler

Seattle Go Center
Nihon Ki-in Go Institute of the West
700 NE 45th Street
Seattle WA  98105
206 545-1424

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