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[ORE] [Wild Talents] How should I deal with horribly cheap invulnerability?

After tweaking the system for awhile, I discovered something that seems kind of game breaking... namely, this power:

Perfect Invulnerability 2HD (88)
Cost: 22/44/88
Defends+8: Interference +3, Endless +3, Native +1
Useful: Variable Effect +4, If/Then (Only for Variable Effect) -1, If/Then (Variable Effect only for Immunities) -1, Self Only -3, Endless +3, Native +1

This power, on top of providing the immunity to everything Invulnerability does, provides 10 in Hardened HAR for the cost of 88 points.  Obviously, this is the sort of thing that should be considered under the whole "Iron & the glass" section of the book, but I'm more worried about how cheap it makes defenses, given the Defends levels.  How should I deal with something like this?  Write all NPCs with similarly cheap versions of defends and let the players go to town, or forbid a certain amount of Defends levels?

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