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Re: [ORE] How to build a specific power: Alternate future sight

I had a player with a power like this in Aberrant. As youve described it I'd do the following:

2wd Aces

As an alternative I might go with 10d of Aces, have the character roll 1x and create a pool of "successes" so they have a bunch of free sets of whatever numbers. They can pull from this pool for a scene, but after that scene the future they were "riding" is gone and hey have to look again. 

Essentially the character sees the future, but built into the power is a way to "ride the current of history" so foreknowledge doesn't automatically change it. When the character uses a set they are saying "I know something goes bad here so I'm changing it" the bullet comes from the left so I drop, he thinks I'm wasting his time so I get straight to the point, etc. 

If you wanted to flavor it I'd go with exhausted/duration, so the character rolls all their dice at the top of the scene and uses them as desired so even a loose 2 might give a weak attack the extra width to get through. The diminishing effectiveness being related to her knowledge of the immediate future degrading as she affects the present with her insight. 

If its a pulpy game you could even add variable effect with the flaw for stretching the bounds of credulity. In this version the character can spend sets for preparations made behind the scenes "a week before the criminals chose this place I had a friend plant these guns riiiight... Here."

When it comes to anything about future seeing this is my preferred method otherwise the power tends to be a boost to initiative and bonus to dodge. 
-Matt Conlon

On Jan 6, 2014, at 2:05 PM, jonrazo@gmail.com wrote:

So I want to build a power that's sort of like Precognition but I think a little more flexible and I wonder what I could do to model it.  I got the idea from the Short Story Six Months and Three Days by Charlie Jane Anders.  It's a great story about two precognitives who date.  One is a man who sees an unflexible future he can't change and the other is a woman who sees all the myriad ways her own personal timeline could play out.  She can't see other people's future except in ways they intersect her own life.  But she can picture timelines where she goes on spontaneous European vacations complete with what torrid affairs she would enjoy if she took the trip.  She keeps her charity open by figuring out what grants she'll get if she applies and keeps it afloat if not awash with money.   And she see's pretty far into the future as well, including a death scene that could only come after a long, well lived life and that's what she keeps aiming for when making decisions.  She's very good at decision making because she sees so much.  She's not perfect, but she is very powerful.  I'm interested in modeling that power.  So how would I do it?

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