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[Seattle Go Center] Updating your AGA membership

Dear Go Players,


Almost all of our tournaments are AGA (American Go Association) rated.  So you need to be a current AGA member to play in them.  It really speeds things up at registration time if you are already in good standing with the AGA.  The AGA has been upgrading its website, so renewing online is now easier, especially with these tips: 


First, if you have forgotten your AGA number, you can look it up from the ratings page of the AGA website (usgo.org).  Go to the page below, click the “get ratings” button and then enter your family name.



You can also check your AGA membership status the same way – your membership expiration date is in the 2nd to last column.


Once you have your AGA number, you can renew your membership online:



Note that if you have not set up an online account yet, you need to choose a password, by clicking under the “Don’t Have Password?” heading.


If you have an old AGA account, your email may not be associated with it.  In this situation, you will be instructed to send an email message to a real volunteer, who will get you started. This may take a day or two.


If you prefer to renew by mailing a check, you can get a form by using the link below.  Just note that this takes a while, since it is a volunteer effort (about two weeks).






Brian  Allen

Manager, Seattle Go Center

Nihon Ki-in Go Institute of the West

700 NE 45th Street

Seattle WA  98105

206 545-1424 (Go Center)

206 632-1122 (Office at Home)

manager@seattlego.org (e-mail)

www.seattlego.org (website)


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