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Re: [ORE] Attacking a stat power [Wild Talents]

Variable effect immunities can/should defend against these types of attacks depending on how the attack functions. 

Example: immunity to "heat/fire" would prevent a drain that overheated the target or fried nerves or whatever. 

If its some very specific "vampiric" effect a broad spectrum Invuln or heavy armor might block it if it's dependent on sucking blood or making physical contact with the target (skin to skin).

However, if you mean such a power has no base defense, all useful powers that target other animate things are supposed to have a corresponding "defending stat" (like Command/Stability to resist Mental Domination). And any Attack power can be dodged or blocked. 

As for targets at 0 stat, I'd just say they are:
Body- Paralyzed
Coordination- Paralyzed
Sense- Total Sensory Deprivation (not even kinesthetic sense, so essentially paralyzed)
Mind- Vegetative state
Charm- Vegetative state
Command- "Enslaved" meaning you can function but cannot initiate actions yourself (someone else has to tell you what to do) and desist upon encountering any resistance or increased difficulty (you shut down after an opposed roll, cannot finish anything that requires more than a 2x1 set and breakdown automatically for any Trauma check).

That's a personal preference though, nothing in the book to back that up. 

-Matt Conlon

On Feb 23, 2014, at 9:09 AM, matt <iamafrayed@gmail.com> wrote:

In Champions you can have an attack that drains a stat like Dex or Str. There are defensive powers that would work against a power like this.
In Wild Talents there isn't a defensive power for that type of attack.

If you made it in Wild Talents how you would defend against it?
If I had d8 of Coodrination drain what would happen to a character when it's Coordination was 0?

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