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Re: [ORE] Power Creation Help!

Thanks all! You've really helped me put this into perspective…


HotJets – I originally thought about Control, but I felt that Minion was more appropriate as it is the Animate that is actually doing the work all the PC does is give it life and ask it for favors


Matt- yeah I was kind of brief here is an answer from my player when I asked more questions.


Quote from Player

"For the technobabbly PC I was thinking any kind of complicated device. For instance, instead of throwing the AC unit off the building, she could convince it to fall off on its own. She could ask an object to do anything within its normal power to do, so she could ask the car to go pick someone up (though I don't have an idea how far from her the powers would work, or how many things she could animate at a time, or how long they stay animated for that matter.) She might be able to ask it to defend her if she could promise that it would be restored later (I am imagining inanimate objects that still have some sort of self-preservation instincts. If she has a good rapport with an object it might do it anyways, like a friend taking a bullet for her.)  As for attacking, I suppose she should be able to convince it to run someone over, or open its doors to hit someone. "


Allan - you went with a Miracle for the Convince Objects ability which i must admit I did not consider.  My first leaning was to do the Convince Animate Object with a Hyperstat: Charm with the If/Then (Only works on Animated Machines) to reflect her ability to smooth talk machines.  I felt that this would give the PC the ability to get her animates to listen to her while requiring the PC to actually bargain with them; which to my players credit is what she wanted. (see quote above)  This originally lent me to lean towards a Hyperstat: Charm.


 Adding "Uncontrolled" to Minion was exactly what I was looking for; I can't believe I didn't see it. 


I have also been thinking about giving the PC a pep talk power which would allow her to give bonus dice to her animates.  I am thinking


PepTalk  (18)

Quality: ADU


Extra/Flaw: If/Then: Animated Machines Only -1, Augment +4, If/Then: Has to be able to speak -1, Duration +2


Any more thoughts?

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