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Re: [ORE] [Wild Talents] How should I deal with horribly cheap invulnerability?


Right. I'm coming at this from a pure mechanics stand point, as a thought exercise to settle the curiosity of my player and I. We're not planning an army of invincible minions (at least, I HOPE he's not. :P ), just trying to better understand the mechanics in play. If you imagine it for a moment as a tactical boardgame, and you'll get where my head it as for this question.

Some from that view there really is little mechanical incentive to go the more expensive route, it seems. Some, but not much.

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 2:12 PM, Matt <moeheid@gmail.com> wrote:
Not really. Combat is no longer about injury, its about lockdown. Dominate, induce coma, hostage taking, infectious diseases. 

And not every PC will or should have "permanently invulnerable" as a schtick. 

-Matt Conlon

On Feb 26, 2014, at 8:44 AM, John Poole <longspeak.teller@gmail.com> wrote:

I want to revisit this question. A player and I were looking it over, and I am curious, from a purely mechanical standpoint, if there's any reason not to purchase a power this way.

If I compare...

Defends (HAR) Extras and Flaws: Interference +3, Native +1 Permanent +4. 10/die.
--200 points for 10 hard dice, providing 10 gobble dice.


Defends (HAR) Extras and Flaws: Defends Levels +8, Interference +3, Native +1 Permanent +4. 18/die.
--72 points for 2 hard dice, providing 10 gobble dice.

Now, I still know there are plenty of ways to deal with the character. But... our curiosity is up and we want to know... purely from a game mechanic standpoint, is there a reason to purchase the more expensive version?

Penalty dice can affect the roll... but if a power is permanent, you're not likely to ever roll in a scene? But sure, it's possible.

Native keeps it from being zapped or from losing dice from willpower drain.

What about levels of Penetration? Does Penetration go against the total gobble dice, or against the set rolled. If the former, the cheaper power still seems the way to go. If the latter, well, one level of penetration kills the set of the cheaper power, bye bye protection.

Is there any other mechanical reason why the cheaper power might be a Bad Idea?


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