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[ORE] GenCon ... and the Godlike GM Screen

Two quick updates.

GenCon Volunteers!

GenCon's event submission deadline has completely blindsided me. Now I'm scrambling to get events in the system THIS WEEK. If you're going to GenCon, run some events for us to help show people what our games are like. You'll earn "store credit" at the GenCon booth and we will love to hear your war stories. 


Godlike GM Screen

The Godlike Game Moderator Screen is now available in PDF! Get the PDF version when you buy the physical edition here:


Or buy just the PDF to print it yourself:

Since it has been available in print for years, we're setting the PDF price as "Pay What You Want." If you already have it in print, you have our blessing to download it free. Or pay money. Either way is good.

Shane Ivey, Arc Dream Publishing
The One Roll Engine and more: www.arcdream.com
Cthulhu Mythos gaming, every quarter: TheUnspeakableOath.com
Is your world worth saving? Join the conspiracy: www.delta-green.com

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