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[Seattle Go Center] Saturday night Jubango - game 7

This Labor Day weekend, the Gu Li - Lee Sedol Jubango continues with game 7.

Gu Li is down 2 games to 4, so if he loses one more, the best he'll be able to do will be to tie the match with 3 straight wins. So he'll need 4 straight wins to take the match against Lee Sedol (not impossible).

Lee Sedol only needs two more wins to take the match.

I'm only stating what should be obvious here with simple math :)

Come watch game 7 starting at 6pm Saturday night at the Go Center. We'll stay open until the game ends (usually around 2am), or until everyone gets tired and leaves... whichever comes first.

No need to stay for the whole game if you have other plans. Come and go as you please.
And there's usually plenty of others around to strike up a game of your own if you'd like.

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