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[ORE] One Roll Patreon update

In case you missed the Patreon survey yesterday:




Arc Dream Publishing (www.arcdream.com) might set up Patreon (www.patreon.com) accounts to support new scenarios, characters, locations, etc., for our role-playing games. Each new thing that we produce will be written, edited, playtested where necessary, illustrated, and laid out by the award-winning Arc Dream team.

HOW IT WORKS: You don't get billed anything automatically. If we get enough money pledged to cover the cost of a project, we'll create the project. When it's ready, we'll tell Patreon to bill our patrons. You'll get a warning a few days out (see www.patreon.com for details) in case you changed your mind. Then you pay for the patronage and we send you the project. We say "$1 or more per month" because we expect to create new projects about one a month.

WHAT WE'LL MAKE: As a rule of thumb, at $100 in total patronage we'll create a short piece of work, a playable feature a couple of pages long: a detailed new NPC with scenario ideas, a detailed location with scenario ideas, a scenario starter based on material that's already available, etc. As the patronage goes up, so does the scale of each project. At $500 total patronage we'll produce a complete scenario, ready to play, or a substantial new piece of the game setting. We'll get feedback as we go to find out what our patrons want.

Vote to tell us which games and settings to expand.

Shane Ivey, Arc Dream Publishing
The One Roll Engine and more: www.arcdream.com
Cthulhu Mythos gaming, every quarter: TheUnspeakableOath.com
Is your world worth saving? Join the conspiracy: www.delta-green.com

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