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[ORE] Powers with Multiple Qualities - Just Say No?

I need to know if I'm crazy. This line of thinking began many months ago when I was helping a player convert her character to Wild Talents 2e.

Selene was a shapeshifting thief who borrowed powers from her subjects. In building her power I realized the power copying power was sub optimal. She had 8 dice in her power mimic power but would often find she couldn't fully copy a subject because he would have, for instance, 8 dice in one attack power and 8 more in a separate defense power. She could only copy one, or two at partial effect.

Then I realized shoving the qualities together in 2e is an artificial construct that was hurting the character concept. So I rebuilt her power into three separately purchased qualities, giving her separate attack, defend, and useful pools. These were already bought in such a way as to trigger automatically when she initiates the shapeshift, so there's no real downside to having three automatically triggers powers.

While rebuilding the power, I also realized if I'm building qualities separately, there's no reason to assume each quality should have the same number and type of dice. Sure, you might WANT to, but there was zero reason to make that the default assumption. In fact, many times there's real benefit to - for example, making all the defense dice hard while keeping all the attack dice normal, or maybe a couple of wiggle dice.

In WT1, there was actually a mechanical reason to keep qualities together: lower point cost. On WT2, this is not a factor.

So... Powers with multiple qualities? No thanks.

Have I missed something important?


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