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[Seattle Go Center] DDK Class: Nick Sibicky Returns on 9/29!

Hi Everyone!

We are gearing up to start our fall season DDK class this coming Monday, 9/29 with a pro game review of a game by Sasaki Tadashi 8P. As you may have heard, Sasaki Sensei passed away earlier this year, and he was a dear friend of the Seattle Go Center and of American Go in general. 

The game that I would like to review is from the 2009 Meijin tournament, where Sasaki faces off against Kudo Norio 9P. The opening of the game is very clear and very stubborn; both players are content to take solid territory immediately, even resorting to using several crude moves. Eventually, Sasaki gets a little bit more territory, but Kudo is compensated with making a moyo. Sasaki decides he needs to live inside of his opponent's moyo and plays a reduction that might be a little too deep for his own good....find out what happens after that in the game at our next DDK class!

I hope to see you there!

Nick Sibicky

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