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[Seattle Go Center] Saturday at the Go Center, 27 Sept -- Jubango game 8

Today at the Seattle Go Center

Open play for anyone. There's usually enough people throughout the day to get a couple of games for everyone.
We can teach beginners how to play if you know someone who wants to learn (because they'll likely never see this email otherwise)

Simon 1p is back in town. Will he resume teaching today? I don't know.
I also haven't heard if John Richards will resume teaching his students at the Go Center today either.

1pm to 7pm are our regular hours on Saturdays.
$5 daily fee, includes free parking (don't forget your parking sticker). Cheaper options are available by purchasing 10-visit punch cards, or monthly or yearly memberships.

Tonight is game 8 of the Gu Li - Lee Sedol Jubango.
Gu Li is down 5 games to 2, so this could be the last game in the match. He has to win the next 3 games in a row just to tie the mach against Lee Sedol.

The game starts at 6pm. We'll project the game on the wall for everyone to watch, and maybe even logon and watch the commentary on Baduk TV which starts a few hours later (but its only in Korean).
The Go Center will be open until the end of the game -- usually around 2am.

So come by for any or all of the match, and maybe get in some games of your own.
These games have been fascinating to watch and discuss.

-- Dennis Wheeler

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