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Re: [ORE] Help for a Godlike-talent

I have used Aces in the past and flavored to taste, basically you declare whatever actions you want, roll and add aces so you go first or better as needed. If you can get enough of them, you really get a feel like the character does 2 or 5 times as much in a single turn.

There's also... The power that freezes others in place... Time fugue?, add Area to that a few times and you're good for locking down a building.

-Matt Conlon

On Oct 20, 2014, at 8:15 PM, Janne Vuorenmaa <janne.vuorenmaa@gmail.com> wrote:

Hiya all,

I'm running a Godlike-campaign using WT2, and one of my players came up with a great new character concept with a cool power. 

The power would be similar to what they have in Remedy's upcoming Quantum Break (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-73i1k47_Q). He'd like that his character could freeze or significantly slow down time so that he'd have a few seconds just for himself.

The cafeteria Extra Actions doesn't really have the feel we're aiming for. Instead we'd want it to work so that he rolls his ability, and the width of the result is the number of "turns" he can take while the rest only take one. If no match is found, he has only that one turn.

I know it's not as neat as the extra actions example, but the cafeteria version does not feel exactly right. So, how would you go about building this ability? Also, this is a very powerful ability, so a mechanism for more quickly depleting & recharging will mechanism might be handy too -- or we might just slap the willpower cost or willpower bid to it. Or perhaps Mental Strain.




Janne Vuorenmaa

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