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[ORE] Arc Dream sale, ratings, and newsletter

We have some big updates this week. 

First, the Cyber Monday sale. It lasts til the end of the week. We have to mulch a LOT of books thanks to overprinting by our publishing partners and high warehousing costs, and we'd rather put them in gamers' hands.

Second, RPGGeek ratings. Every item on our catalog page has a link to its RPGGeek.com entry. We encourage (beg, implore, demand, cajole) you to log in there and rate our work. Especially if you like it.

Third, we've established a newsletter that's just for one-way announcements from Arc Dream. Go to any page of arcdream.com to sign up. 

And a quick update from the salt mines: I've been getting the final interior art for No Soul Left Behind, the Better Angels campaign that we Kickstarted recently, and it looks GREAT. I'll put a proper preview together soon. It's going to our page designer shortly. 

It looks like our next One Roll Engine trick will be Ninth Legion, Paul Mitchener's long-gestating Reign campaign book that takes a Roman legion into Faerie and leaves them there for two hundred years. Watch for it at Kickstarter very soon. 

Outside of the ORE:
  • Puppetland is back! It goes to the artists any day now.
  • Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions is slowly coming together.
  • We're about to review Beta playtest reports for Delta Green: The RPG.
  • We'll playtest scenarios for The Unspeakable Oath 25 next week.
Thanks, all.

Shane Ivey, Arc Dream Publishing
The One Roll Engine and more: www.arcdream.com
Cthulhu Mythos gaming, every quarter: TheUnspeakableOath.com
Is your world worth saving? Join the conspiracy: www.delta-green.com

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