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Re: [ORE] [Godlike] Is this character built correctly?

On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 2:11 AM, John Doe <erikstutzman@hotmail.com> wrote:

Fair enough-it looks like the newer book is designed to encourage front-loaded characters and discourage improving over time. So the individual playing the Slotback would  be foolish to attempt to raise any of his hyperstats during play (although I have to wonder why he wasn't just given Cool 10. The cost would have been the same, as would the final Base Will- plus there would be no need to even think about improving any hyperstats, leaving his Will free to counter enemies). 

Just on a general level, I've always seen Godlike as very much being the type of supers genre where you get your powers, they're cool, they set you apart - but they generally don't change very much over time, or only in extreme circumstances.

Maybe it was just more a GM fiat thing before, but I've always been very reluctant to let Godlike characters buff up their powers too much - generally the powers they have at the beginning are what they've got. What they get better at is being a soldier...

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