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Re: [ORE] [Godlike] Is this character built correctly?

On Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 1:10:54 AM UTC-5, Allan Goodall wrote:

On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 11:39 AM, John Doe <erikst...@hotmail.com> wrote:
After looking at the Courtyard of Hell free characters (Sinclair 'The Slotback' especially) I created the following character using the Black Devils template. Just stats and Talents. The idea he wants to be the best soldier he can, and he's subconsciously taken to heart the idea that Talent powers are 'all in your head'.

​Sorry I've been slow in getting to this. I've had some personal issues to take care of.​

Body 3 (4)
Coordination 3 (4)
Sense 3 (4)
Brains 2 (3)
Command 1 (5)
Cool 3 (5)

HyperBody 1d (Locational-Head) 1 pt
HyperCoordination 1d (Locational-Head) 1 pt
HyperSense 1d (Locational-Head) 1 pt
HyperBrains 1d (Locational-Head) 1 pt
HyperCommand 4d (Locational-Head) 4 pts
HyperCool 2d (Locational-Head) 2 pts
Base Will +10  10 pts

​So far so good. ​

Base Will 20

​Nope. Base Will is 16. ​Hyperstats on Cool count towards Base Will, but Hyperstats on Command do not. Page 48 of the latest edition of Godlike: "Unlike Hypercool, the stat levels gained from Hypercommand do not contribute to Base Will."

My book says the same-but immediately afterward only lists Command 6-10. I presumed that meant that 1-5 still applied the Base Will bonus. So if his 'natural' Command was higher he would have more Base Will?

Now as I understand it raising his Cool would also raise his Base Will, meaning that by spending 5 Will points his Cool would be raised to 10 and his Base Will would be raised to 25. Another 5 Will points spent could give him 5 hyperstats at 5 (and Cool at 10) with 10 Will points remaining in his pool.

Is this correct, or does raising HyperCool only raise Base Will at character creation?

Hypercool will raise Base Will during game play. However, there are limitations to increasing hyperstats during play.

First, you have to spend Will points, as you can't increase hyperstats with Experience points. To spend Will points, something really critical has to happen to the character (combat or a moment of crisis). Second, you can only spend Will points to increase a Talent by one level. You pay for the increased die per the usual will cost. 

So, yes, you can increase this character's Hypercool from 5d to 6d in play at the cost of 1 Will point, and it will increase his Base Will by 1. You can only do it during a point of crisis, and can only increase by 1 point per crisis. After surviving 5 combats, he could get his Hypercool up to 10 and Base Will up to 21.

My book says that after the game session any number of stats (or skills) can be raised by any number of points, while during the session either one skill or one stat may be raised by one point only.
I don't see any limitation on Talent abilities beyond the Will cost no matter when they are bought- during the session or after. 

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