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[Seattle Go Center] Friendly 13x13 Tournament on Saturday Feb 27.

Dear Go Players and Parents,


We will have a free all ages 13x13 Tournament on Saturday, Feb. 27.   Registration is from 1:00 to 1:30, and the tournament will run until 4 p.m.   This event will be beginner-friendly, and children are welcome.  There will be equipment and book prizes for all the under 18 players.  (We have had a lot of good stuff donated to us.) Adults and stronger players are welcome too.  We will have a few prizes for them as well.


These games will be unrated, and you do not need an AGA membership to participate.  Advance registration is not required, but if you know that you are coming, I would be glad to get a note from you at manager@seattlego.org.






Brian  Allen

General Manager, Seattle Go Center

Nihon Ki-in Go Institute of the West

700 NE 45th Street

Seattle WA  98105

206 545-1424 (Go Center)

206 370-1069 (Cell Phone)

206 632-1122 (Office at Home)

manager@seattlego.org (e-mail)

www.seattlego.org (website)


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