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[ORE] Progenitor: Gods and G-Men

So I'm starting up a new Progenitor game, so expect to see more messages from me asking to help me finesse this power or that power, etc.

Right now, though, we're just starting off and no one has powers yet. We've got a group centered around the FBI in 1968 - one agent from the Domestic Security (Counter intelligence - the part of the FBI worried about countering the KGB, not the part targeting hippies and civil rights activities), one from organized crime, a mobster who is an in-to-his-neck informant to the FBI (he has Loyalty: FBI, but no Loyalties for his organized crime bretheren, so he knows which side his bread is buttered on), and then a forensics scientist working for the FBI (who is also the only woman in the group).

I'm thinking I want them pretty high Tier, 3 or 4, because I find the high power levels most interesting. So I'm trying to figure out how they get exposed - the obvious angle is to be exposed by one of Hoover's progeny, but that puts them at Tier 5 which is a lower Tier than I'd like. I'm sort of mulling now that maybe they're exposed by one of Colt's progeny, or one of the soldiers teleported back to the USA by [I forget her name but she's that Tier 2 teleporter that sends people home].

If anyone else has clever ideas on who might spore them though, I'd love to hear them. I like clever.

Also if anyone has any clever ideas on what a Domestic Security agent, an Organized Crime agent, a mob informer, and a forensic scientist might all be working on together at the start of things. I know the CIA was all about using the mob to try and get shit done overseas, but figuring out internal threats Domestic Security might need the mob for is a bit harder.

"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
-- Oscar Wilde

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