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[ORE] Re: [Progenitor] Gods & G-Men: The Informant

For the curious, here's what I've worked out thus far for his "Strong and Tough" package:

Hardened Light Armor (6) - 5hd - 60 points

Defends: Armored Defense -2, Hardened +2, Permanent +4

Damage Mitigation (7) - 4hd - 56

Defends: Permanent +4, Interference +3, Only Cuts Damage In Half -2

Extra Tough (5) - 2hd - 20 points

Useful: Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Self Only -3

Regeneration (4) - 2hd - 16 points

Useful: Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Self-Only -3, Limited Width -1

Hyperendurance 4d + 2hd - 8 points

Hyperbody 6d + 2hd (Booster +2) - 60 Points

Total on Strength and Toughness: 220

Went a little over my target of 200 points, but a large part of that was trying to meet the player's goal of "Should be able to survive almost anything, but also be hurt at least some by almost anything".

Taking Defends with Permanent and Interference is really, really hard to beat in terms of points efficiency at higher points totals. So I really struggled to give him solid protection without just going the "Here's a bunch of HAR that isn't subject to Penetration" route which seems by far the most effective. I didn't want him to pay *more* points to have *less* protection than a guy who just went for 6hd in Defends (Interference, Permanent) instead.

My solution was a mixture of Light Armor along with that Damage Mitigation power, which is pretty much the Defends(Inteference, Permanent) thing, except with a -2 custom flaw called "Only Cuts Damage In Half". So it won't eliminate damage from any source completely, but the vast majority of mundane attacks are going to be shooting off with considerably less than six width. It means if he gets hit with a Bunker Buster bomb he won't just bounce it (like he likely would with just a few levels of Defends w/Interference and Permanent), but he will halve the damage.

I'm not sure if that Flaw is really worth -2 though? Maybe it'd just a -1 like the old Medium Armor flaw?

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 10:46 AM, Wade Lahoda <wade.lahoda@gmail.com> wrote:
So some of my players in my Progenitor campaign are wanting me to design their powers. The guy playing the FBI informant asked me to split him up between his usual type (he plays strong and tough guys), and then to "surprise him" with what the rest of his powers are.

They get 350 points on powers, so I figure I'll put 100 points into some combination of armor/extra tough/invulnerability (he wants to be really really resistant to things, but not necessarily super invulnerable to everything, so for once I figure I'll actually build someone with LAR and Extra Tough instead of just stacks of Defends w/ Permanent and Interferes), 100 points into superstrength, and have 150 left to surprise him with.

Problems/psychology wise, the informant is more loyal to the FBI than he is to the mob at this point, though he's obviously in deep to both. Recovering problem gambler. Religious. Lots of acquaintances but few close friends, and a bit of a womanizer. No real family life, I think he feels kind of isolated. Lots of fodder in there to go a few different directions with his "surprise me" powers.

Problem gambler makes it easy to throw in Aces and call it luck. Possibly with a dud power for controlling things of pure luck like games of chance.

The whole dangerous double-life makes it tempting to throw in some kind of invisibility or "I belong here" power.

The lack of family/close friends makes me tempted to give him a Minions power where he can summon his own mob family and generate himself close friends and associates.

It sounds like he'd like to have around four powers in total, so I'll give him the toughness stuff, the super strength, and two other things that might be related or might not.

As always, feel encouraged to pitch in with brainstorming if you desire! :) Otherwise you can just watch me come up with stuff, which may or may not be entertaining for you in turn.

"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
-- Oscar Wilde

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