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[ORE] Reign (Enchiridion) Question on Followers

I've got just about everything ORE save for Monsters. I do have all of the Reign books, but I've been looking through the Enchiridion as I find it a little easier to peruse. 

My problem is on my second go round of RE, the first I just skimmed the descriptions of skills and such is that the chart for Followers a) seems ill defined, sort of. And b) has examples that don't fit into the chart.

Here I'll show you: at the Threat level described, they can roll a pool equal to their Theat when doing
that job. (If you pick out a crew of a dozen Threat 4 sailors for 7 points, they individually roll
4d when climbing or sailing or tying knots. If your 30 Threat 2 followers are monks, they roll
2d for Lore or Eerie tasks.)

According to the chart you can't have a dozen Threat 4 sailors by the cost chart (stops at 5 cost but I suppose you could extrapolate). Can't have 30 threat 2 followers by the chart either, 30 threat 1's sure or again maybe extrapolate a chart extension. But why have a chart with examples that just don't fit? 

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