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[Seattle Go Center] DDK Monday: "High vs Low; Moyo vs Territory (Part 1)"

(alternate title: "Trust no one!")

Another DDK Class? Sweet-sassy-molassey!

Hey everyone, Double-Digit Kyu Class continues tomorrow, Monday the 7th, with me, Cullen Mott, substituting for Nick Sibicky. Class this week will begin with a review, followed by a lecture, and THEN a game! (or just something resembling a game... we'll see if I learned my lesson from last time) Afterwards, I will be doing game reviews for whoever is interested. Bring in a game! If you don't have one you'd like reviewed it's no problem, still come. I'll have my computer again so if you'd rather email me your game record instead of bringing it in on a sheet of paper or a laptop that'll work just fine.

This week's lecture is on formulating a whole-board strategy by minding the high or lowness of your earlier moves.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Cullen Mott (mild-mannered 1-kyu)
Double-Digit Kyu Class
Mondays 6:30-8:30 PM
Seattle Go Center

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