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[ORE] [Godlike] Zed confusion

The description for Zed is unclear to me. "Psychic, non-physical, non-visible, and self-affecting powers are not affected by Zed..."

What exactly does that mean?

What if I am physically invisible? It's physical but self-affecting, as well as non-visible (at least I would hope). Is it affected or not? What about HyperSense or HyperBrains? Since sensory information processing and mental processing are physical activities are they affected even though they are self-affecting and non-visible? What about Insubstantiability? Is Ghost considered psychic? What about HyperCommand? Can I force Der Buttkicker to kill his Zed squadmate if I win the Will Contest since presumably the HyperCommand is non-physical, non-visible, and quite possibly psychic? Would a voiced command be considered physical and/or visible?

If any of the 'not affected' boxes are ticked does that mean Zed does not apply? If so I'm not sure how Null would have shut down 35 Soviet Talents-surely the odds of all 35 having abilities that avoid the 'not affected' categories are very small. Of course, I also presume that Null had to see these 35 in action before being able to counteract them, unless that part is confusing me as well.

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