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[ORE] Is there ever in any point in having more than 9HD in Invulnerability?

Because Invulnerability doesn't have the Armored Defense flaw on the HAR, you'll never need more than 9HD, right? Because the widest set you can ever get is 10, and 9 goggle dice will destroy that.

And if you're never going to have an attack that gets through your HAR, you don't need the LAR, also correct? So tossing the LAR, the total price for your "I may as well cross out my damage silhouette because it is mechanically impossible for me to ever take a point of damage" power ends up being 280 Points.

I just wanted to confirm no one could think of any edge cases or exceptions before I go and tell a player "Yeah, 9HD in Invulnerability means you'll never, ever take damage, and you can also yank out the Light Armor as a result".

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