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[ORE] Questions in regards to Wild Talents and Reign

So I've been reading though Wild Talents Essential Edition and Reign Enchiridion and have some questions.

1.) In Reign they've changed height to show "favorable circumstances" while width covers both speed and competence. This differs from Wild Talents where height is the quality and width is the speed of an action. So is this change mainly cosmetic in nature and if not which one do you prefer?

2.) With Summoning from Wild Talents 2e you can only summon a maximum of 10 minions and I would like to know is there a way around this. I had thought of adding Booster to it which should make that possible but I'd like to make sure. I'd like to know if the same was possible for Regeneration as well to increase the amount it can heal. 

3.) How does Reign's Unworthy Opponents compare to Wild Talents Minions? The only difference that I've noticed is that their dice pool has been increased to 15d rather than 10d when applicable. 

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