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[ORE] Alternate Skill Lists

So after looking around a bit on RPG.net a bit, I came across the alternate skill list below which I found to be more intuitive that the default one provided in Reign. In particular, I found the streamlined aspect to be best part as I'm a not a fan of overly large skill lists.I was intending to do the same for Wild Talents but was wondering if someone had already done something similar. 

--Body: Athletics (Climb, Run, Athletics), Fight*, Parry, Vigor
--Coordination: Stealth, Dodge, Shoot* (all ranged weaponry), Perform
--Sense: Survival (Direction, Scrutinize), Awareness (Hearing, Sight), Empathy, Counterspell
--Knowledge: Student, Heal, Lore, Scheme (Strategy, Haggle)
--Charm: Deceive (Lie, 'Disguise'), Fascinate (Jest, Plead, Fascinate), Graces, Perform
--Command: Tactics, Inspire, Intimidate, Animal Handling (incl. Ride as well)

*Fight/Shoot: I did away with the 'Weapon' skill and only included the broad Fight. However, when you purchase an ED in Fight, it only counts for one weapon group (swords, axes, daggers etc.). So now you don't have the Weapon: Sword 5-guy being unable to use a club and instead having just a slight finesse with all swords. Obviously, you can also only purchase Martial Paths for weapons which you have bought EDs for.

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