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[ORE] [Progenitor] What in the world does Hoover do with a fleet of super-powered FBI Agents?

So in my "Gods & G-Men" campaign, most of the PCs are either FBI Special Agents or support staff employees of the FBI. In what shouldn't have surprised me but did, they've all remained pretty loyal and more or less doing the "We'll do with our superpowers whatever the director tells us to do" thing.

They're starting to figure out their powers are contagious - mostly from the other FBI men they've used powers on to prove their superpowers exist. So thus far, the FBI has (in addition to Hoover, who hasn't revealed he has powers) 3 Tier 4 employees and 2 Tier 5 employees, plus one Tier 4 prisoner, and those are just the ones they're aware of thus far. There are some other Special Agents who haven't revealed their powers or don't know they have them.

It seems the obvious scenario, once the FBI knows these powers are contagious, to try and spore them onto as many FBI Agents as possible. The FBI is a pretty monolithic organization at this point, so it'd seem they'd want to keep it all in house. Now some agents won't be loyal, others will spore unexpectedly onto others, but still..

If we say there are about 50% odds for each agent that they'll both develop powers that can be transmitted, and that they'll actually obey FBI orders to spore onto other FBI agents, that results in an FBI with almost 800 powered Special Agents.

What are the odds of it actually playing out that way? How the hell does it change the Progenitor world to have a huge concentration of metahumans in the FBI?

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