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[Seattle Go Center] Re: Wednesday SDK Class will be with Peter Nelson

Hi all,

Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 13th) I'd like to talk a bit about not-specifically-Go related topics that affect how we learn/study the game. For examples:

Do you play better after eating a good breakfast/lunch/dinner?
Do you retain more from your studying after getting a good night's sleep?
How can you use your commute (or other "wasted" time) to improve at Go?
Which is more effective: studying for three hours on one day, or studying for half an hour once per day for six days?

Disclaimer: I will be offering no concrete answers to these questions (though I will gladly offer my own anecdata), but I hope that at the end of the discussion you'll think a bit more critically about how you approach the game.

Also, feel free to bring a game to review (or a position, joseki/shape question, or any other question, or anything else at all) for when our discussion concludes in case we have extra time.

Hope to see you tomorrow at 7pm!

Peter Nelson

On Monday, July 11, 2016 at 11:18:43 AM UTC-7, Brian Allen wrote:
> Dear Go Players,
> The Wednesday, July 13 Single Digit Kyu Player (SDK) Class will be with Peter Nelson 5d at 7 pm. You can also find
> Peter's instruction online on YouTube at:
> https://www.youtube.com/user/longstridebaduk
> Cheers,
> Brian

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