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[ORE] [Progenitor] Manufacturing metahumans

So, as I'm playing through my campaign, Hoover's starting to accumulate a small army of metahumans. And it is making me wonder...how come there's no mention, aside from a few limited cases like the Progress Cadre, of governmental organizations doing the same?

You'd think as soon as the US military discovered how powers transferred (which isn't hard to deduce), they'd be grabbing everyone they can find with powers and getting them to spend time exposing select groups of highly loyal and motivated soldiers, and then getting those who "catch super" to do the same and so on.

Even if things are kind of "leaky" - some metahumans go AWOL, etc - you'd still think that the military and any government organizations that are able to recruit some "virgin" 4th or 5th tiers (shouldn't be that hard early on) would have pools of hundreds of metas to draw upon. That seems like a big deal, yet the possibility isn't really contemplated in the sourcebook.

I'd be curious for those who have run Progenitor if you've had stuff like that happen in your games, what it all ends up looking like, etc.

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