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[ORE] Re: [Progenitor] Jodi Collins - "No, you move"

I like her. Cool concept.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 1:38:42 PM UTC-7, Wade wrote:
So I figured I'd share the latest NPC I made up for my Progenitor campaign.

Jodi Collins was one of the protesters on the Poor People's Campaign that occupied Washington in 1968. Small of stature but very stubborn, she was infected by dark energy by one of the PCs who went randomly sporing her powers amongst the protesters, hoping to create something of a counterbalance for the legion of super-powered G-Men they'd already been creating for J. Edgar Hoover. She didn't discover her powers until the police attempted to dislodge the protest...

Jodi Collins
Career: Student, Tier 5 Metahuman

Most of her powers can only be used when she is stationary - but with her feet planted, almost nothing can move her, she's extremely strong, and very difficult to harm or control.

Unmoveable (Useful: Self Only -3, No Physics +1, Endless +3, If/Then (Only When Not Moving) -1) 10hd - 60 Points

Immunity (Mind Control) (Useful: Permanent +4, Self-Only -3, If/Then (Only When Not Moving) -1 ) 3hd - 12 Points

Hyperbody (If/Then (Only when Not Moving) -1, Booster +1) 7d +2hd +1w - 60

Invulnerability (If/Then (Only When Not Moving) 4hd - 136 Points

Even when she is in motion, she's still at least borderline superhumanly tough and strong. Nothing compared to when she's standing her ground though.

Hyperbody - 3d - 12 Points

Hyperstability - 2d - 2 Points

Light Armor 2hd - 12 Points

Base Will +2 - 3 Points

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