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[ORE] The Usurper's Legacy

Usurper's Legacy is a five-adventure REIGN game I ran back in 2015. I've collected up all the essential materials for it and uploaded them as a zip archive (see link below). I've pasted a cut down version of the background introduction below; the whole thing is available in the zip file. If you enjoy it (or actually use it, in whole or part), please let me know!



The Usurper's Legacy

The Duchy of Hanbadra stands in the borderlands between Uldholm and the Lightless Jungle. The valley of the River Fen divides the Duchy from the Uldish territory of Tanderbauen. The Auburn Hills partly shield the Duchy from the Lightless Jungle, but only partly – there are several significant passes through the hills. The Duchy has stood independent since the withdrawal of the Empire from the area, when the old Imperial General Hanbe abandoned his loyalty to Center and carved out his own domain.

The Lightless Jungle has always stood as both opportunity and threat to the people of Hanbadra. Even the jungle fringes are an intimidating place, with massive trees standing hundreds of feet high and endless darkness all through – without even the comforting light of the Moon. The Deep Jungle where the worst of the tribes live is even more terrifying, a bewildering maze of night-plants and fungus inhabited by savage beasts and festering with horrible disease. The Borderers man the twin forts at High Pass and Low Pass and patrol the area to ward off the incursions of jungle beasts. They also stand as the first line of defense if one of the jungle tribes boils over and attacks the Duchy.

The jungle is not simply a threat. The Jungle Venturing Guild has long learned ways to communicate with the savages inside the darkness, and under the rule of Duke Hanbe and his heirs they have been able to forge a successful alliance of sorts with the Razorleaf tribe. The Guildsmen risk their lives and their sanity to bring light-side goods and trinkets into the jungle to trade for strange plants and herbs, which in turn the Duke has been able to sell to the wealthy and the curious in Uldholm, the Sunless Plains and beyond.

The Return of Rabel Locha

Ten years ago, the former Castellan Rabel Locha betrayed Duke Foren and attempted to seize power during an outbreak of the yellow fethering. Many of his allies were executed, but he fled across the Fen to Uldholm and vanished. Now, he has reappeared in the court of the young Governor Horn at Tanderburg, weaving plots and spreading treasonous lies. Duke Foren is aging and infirm. He suspects that Locha intends to use the ambitions of the young Governor for his own purposes. It is quite clear that Governor Horn would like nothing more than to conquer Hanbadra as a way of burnishing his own reputation and career prospects within the Republic. For either of their plans to come to pass, they must find a way to neutralize the threat of the Razorleaf tribal horde that has always responded to Hanbadra's cries for help. Out of concern, he has hired mercenary companies to watch the frontier and ward off the Baron's ambitions.

Practical Details

Usurper's Legacy uses the REIGN rules and is set in the world of Heluso and Milonda as described in the main REIGN rules set, written by Greg Stolze. The REIGN rules are available either in PDF from RPGNow or in Print-on-Demand form from lulu.com. There are two main versions of the rules. The main REIGN rules include both the rules per se and the setting of Heluso and Milonda, including details on the nation of Uldholm. The Reign Enchiridion is a shorter version of the rules alone, without any of the setting detail. There are three supplements to the game, appropriately entitled First Year of Our Reign, Second Year of Our Reign and Third Year of Our Reign. They are available for free from RPGNow or Greg Stolze's website, or in Print-on-Demand from lulu.com. None are strictly necessary for Usurper's Legacy.


Usurper's Legacy will last for six to eight sessions, possibly including a session for character creation and introduction to the REIGN rules. Sessions will be biweekly, about three or four hours each. Action will be split between the activities of the characters (running the Company, dealing with the locals and the Marchers, and the usual misadventures) and company-level action.


The characters are members of Warley's Company. They will also be responsible for guiding the actions of the company as a whole, and as such should hold positions of rank or influence (e.g., important specialists) within the group. The Company is very diverse in its membership, so almost any national or cultural background could fit.

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