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[ORE] STEW Metric Impacts

I am prepping a Progenitor-inspired game - that is, not in the Progenitor universe, but using the mechanics from that book to do my own alternate timeline where the PCs get super-powers and then kick history merrily off track, starting in the late 90s. I have a few questions on the STEW metrics system.

First, I'm a bit confused by the timeframe described. Am I only supposed to change the metric values and then roll for events once per year, or should I be doing it whenever I've basically used up the previously rolled events? Ie, if I roll for events under Authoritarianism and come up with one, and it prompts a few adventures but I basically wrap that plotline up, does it break anything to roll again immediately for more ideas? I got the impression in a few places that the recommendation was one roll per year. Or is it that the metrics should only change on a yearly basis? 

Second, would you recommend starting with the metrics at 0, the way Progenitor does in 1968? My thought was to set everything to 0, and then use the metrics to track deviation from real history, rather than try to port in the values from, say 1998 in the timeline, but I'm open to recommendations otherwise. 

Finally, and the big one - has anyone done any examples, lists, etc. of what types of events might affect the metrics in various ways? I mean, some of them are fairly straightforward - you just released plans for super-efficient solar panels that can be made for under $20 using common household supplies, congratulations! Technology +1, Economy -1. Some are less clear, though - what types of PC actions are likely to raise Suspicion? If the players decide to go all 'The Authority' and start offing dictators, would you say that is a plus or a minus to Warfare? That kind of thing - Any guidelines or tips here would be very appreciated! 

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