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[Seattle Go Center] SDK Class Tonight: Probing Moves!

Hi all,

During tonight's SDK class (at 7pm), we'll look at probing moves, specifically those against a 3-4 + 5-3 corner enclosure. We often think that when one player has enclosed a corner with a 3-4 and 5-3 (knight's move) shape, it's their corner; this is true, but we can still get a lot of benefits/aji from it.

Rather than me talking for an hour straight or longer, tonight we'll try something different: I'll give a briefer overview of the general principles and patterns, and then we'll split up into pairs and try it out right away. Then we'll regroup and go over the variations that you came up with so you can receive some immediate feedback.

We might still have time at the end to review your recent games, so if you have a recent game record you'd like to go over, send me an email (peternelson815@gmail.com) with the SGF attached or simply bring it to class. Hope to see you tonight at 7pm!


P.S. You can find SGFs from previous classes (and future classes, including tonight's) here:


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