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Re: [ORE] [Wild Talents]Request for help with Character Creation, understanding Hyperstats, Hyperskills, and Power/Miracles

The idea I want is a little bit of everything, sadly.
His focus is he uses Telekinesis. And I do mean Focus. It comes from a kind of high tech cloth-like patch that goes over the back of his neck.
I'm taking the "One Power" flaw, because I spoke with my GM and he's okay with me using TK for flight, faux self-healing like holding wounds closed until actual treatment, augment so that I could enhance my characters physical aspects from time to time.

But my current confusion is with the math. I've downloaded the excel calculator and I've been using it to try and understand the math in character creation. I think I understand the cost of power qualities. Extras and Flaws are still messing with me. I thought they were a one-time plus or minus to the cost of the power. Not that they were applied across each die like power qualities.

I'm having a failure at understanding the power creation.

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