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[Seattle Go Center] More info about Sunday tournament

Dear Go Players,


Our big tournament of the year, the Jin Chen Memorial, will be this Sunday, January 8, with registration from 10 to 10:45 that day. There will be an Open Tournament, and a Handicapped Tournament.  As usual, we welcome players from all backgrounds, at all strengths.  I expect you will hear English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese spoken at this tournament.  We will probably have players who can translate for German, French and Russian speakers.   


The Open Tournament will have a first place prize of $300, if there are at least 4 players in the Open.  Registration in the Open Tournament is limited to the top 8 players who are interested in playing, based on their AGA rating, or if they are players from another country, based on their other ratings.  (The TD will make this determination.)


The Handicapped Tournament will have multiple sections.  Double digit kyu players are welcome to play.  Children are welcome to play if they can handle the long game times (45 minutes to a side, with 5 periods of 30 seconds byoyomi), and they don’t mind playing adults.  There is a separate prize of $50 for the youth (under 18) with the best won-lost record.


Please make sure your AGA membership is up to date.  https://www.usgo.org/members/login


We recommend that you bring food to the tournament.  If your first game runs long, you may not have time to go out before the 2nd round.  General Admission is $15, while youth and voting members pay $10.  We will finish around 5:30 pm.


We hope to see you at the Jin Chen Tournament!







Brian  Allen

General Manager, Seattle Go Center

Nihon Ki-in Go Institute of the West

700 NE 45th Street

Seattle WA  98105

206 545-1424 (Go Center)

206 370-1069 (Cell Phone)

206 632-1122 (Office at Home)

manager@seattlego.org (e-mail)

www.seattlego.org (website)


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