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[ORE] House Guideline: Booster and Attacks

I'll find, left to their own devices, players will load up on a bunch of Booster for a power like telekinesis. Because it feels awesome to be able to lift an aircraft carrier, don't it?

And then they'll go to smash someone with their often telekenitic might and......be totally underwhelmed when they do as much damage as some dude with a pistol. "It makes no sense!", they'll say, "That I can lift a million tons but I can't squish a normal human without getting lucky on my roll!"

So I usually advice people - for every level of Booster you take for the Useful quality of a power, if it also has an Attacks quality, throw on a level of Attacks as well. Same for stuff like Hyperbody and Booster, too.

Makes things feel a lot less wonky.

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