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[ORE] Re: Question on how Duration interacts with certain Extras

Huh. Nearly two years since last time I asked something regard Duration. Sorry for resurrecting this one. This is an add-on to my original question, so it made sense. Was going over Duration again and how Augment interacts with it, I'm wondering if this interpretation of how it works is correct:

Based on what Shaun suggested before, setting the dice of the Augment/Duration power that were rolled aside, and merely adding them to the power your augmenting each Roll Phase.

If that's not correct, I'm curious what would be, since rolling the Augmented/Duration power dice each time along with the power your Augmenting, then Duration is a useless Extra. Granted, I might be missing something, but the above is the only way I can see those two interacting at all.

On Thursday, 11 June 2015 07:01:03 UTC+1, William Seaton wrote:
I'm trying to understand how Duration, or it's sibling Extras, interact with with a couple of other Extras, specifically Interference  and Depleted. This is also all in relation to a Defends power. 

Just reading the bit on Duration, do you have to roll each round when using Interference, each time when defending against an Attack or when? The description is a bit confusing there. 

The next is simpler. Depleted states each attempt to use the power uses a charge. So using a Defends power with Duration and Depleted, does that use a charge each time it tries to defend against an attack, or just when the power is activated?

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