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[Seattle Go Center] AlphaGo Game 3 tonight!

Hi everyone,

Tonight is the night of game 3 between Ke Jie and AlphaGo.  Will Ke Jie be able to overcome the possible new computer overlords?  Will AlphaGo come up with even more interesting moves that will leave us all scratching our heads?  Come and join us to find out.  If the last 2 games are anything to go by, we should have an exciting game to watch tonight!

I will be at the Go Center around 4 to open up, so if you want to come early to get in a game or review the previous games before hand you are more than welcome to.

There will be food tonight for the viewing as well, thanks to the AGA.  I will take a count at 6:30 to see how many people we have and what we will order.  The default is pizza, but if people are interested in something else we can switch it up.  The only requirements are that it delivers and fits within our budget.

Also, Brian was able to get us a permit for tonight so that we can have beer and wine for the showing!  We are not allowed to sell it so it's a bring your own setup.  The rules for the evening are as follows:
 - Please drink responsibly.  Remember that this is open to families as well so we want to keep it appropriate for all ages.
 - If you plan on drinking, please have a designated driver planned (bus drivers count).  If you feel like you need a ride home but don't have a way, we can always call a cab for you.
 - If bring some to share, great! Just make sure everyone you share with is over 21.

See you soon!

Nick Wilmes

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