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[ORE] [Better Angels] Generosity and Cash

Both No Soul Left Behind and The Good, The Bad, and The Hunky include situations where acquiring a sum of money allows the characters to increase their Generosity tactic directly.  You can certainly read the Generosity cost of constructing Devilish Devices as meaning you are less generous because you can no longer afford to be, so I can understand where the idea of a cash to Generosity exchange comes from.  However, this is the only instance in the game where characters can increase a virtuous tactic directly.  Moreover it does not take into consideration where the money comes from, leading to characters robbing banks to increase their Generosity because it is simply more efficient than increasing Greed and then repenting to shift a point to Generosity.  As a result equating wealth with Generosity opens up a problematic loophole in the moral calculus that is central to the game.

Has this been a problem for others?  How have you addressed it?

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