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[Seattle Go Center] DDK Monday: Andrew Jackson Hides at Go!

Hey Go Fans-
So the illustrious Andrew Jackson (of AlphaGo commenting fame!) has agreed to play me in a super-special live exhibition match this Monday. However, instead of playing Go as we all know it (and now know that computers have rendered humans obsolete) we are going to play my favorite Go variant, Hidden Move Go. In this Go variant, players start with several moves already "placed" on the board at the start of the game that their respective opponent cannot see/know. Play proceeds as normal, until these hidden moves become discovered. Spectators for this special event will know where all the hidden moves are, even though Andrew an I won't. 

This Go variation makes for some VERY exciting situations, as every ko-fight turns into a bluffing match, every ladder turns into a push-your-luck scenario, and every deep invasion requires a poker face. I anticipate this game being extraordinarily fun, you won't want to miss it!

Nick Sibicky 4D
Double-Digit Kyu Class
Mondays 6:30-8:30 PM
Seattle Go Center

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