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[ORE] Re: Regen question

I'd say that's more of a grey area. Which means it's at the discretion of the GM if it's possible with just the stock Regeneration power. They can decide that regenerating hit boxes is covered by how it's meant to function, they might do something similar to Mark D, force you to roll to regain the hitboxes, or, as you're asking, you need another Useful quality. Talk with who's running the game to see how they'd interpret it themselves.

If they decide you need another Useful quality though, here's one that should work:

(Regrow limbs) Useful Extras and Flaws: Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Slow -2
Effect: Allows you to regain missing hitboxes of a hit location of your choice every other round, thanks to the Permanent Extra. Take the Engulf Extra and drop the Slow Flaw if you want to recover hitboxes from multiple hit locations at once and to do so every round respectively.
On Tuesday, 13 June 2017 22:21:29 UTC+1, matt wrote:
Does regeneration grow missing limbs or do you need another Useful quality?

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