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[Seattle Go Center] Busy July With Lots of Volunteer Support

Dear Members,

We have had some big days at the Go Center this July, plus two outreach events this month. Thanks to all the volunteers
that made this possible!

We had 26 people at the ratings tournament on July 1, from 3 dan to 25 kyu. (The AGA will probably update their
ratings this Friday.) It is worth noting the 5 of the 10 players in the country with the most AGA tournaments played are
members of the Seattle Go Center. Thanks to our Tournament Directors, Dan Top and Bill Chiles, for the monthly ratings
tournaments that made this possible.


About 25 people came to our 4th of July afternoon BBQ. Chris Kirschner baked fresh rolls and buns, and many members
donated food for the potluck event.

This Tuesday, July 11, we had about 40 people play at the Go Center. The afternoon was busy, with 22 people playing
by 4:15. Our volunteer teachers were a big help, including John Richards, David Snow, Lee Anne Bowie, Aki Sato,
Nathan Saritzky, and Johnny Yoo.

At the Japan Fair last weekend, Cat Mai and Rodney Strong taught one day, and John Richards and David Snow the next.

At Bon Odori this coming weekend, July 15 -16, we have Aki Sato, David Snow, Bert Ortiz, Peter Kron and Cat Mai lined
up. We probably will have room for another teacher on Saturday, since they give us two tables.

The schedule is here:

Looking ahead, our evening classes continue in July; then we take a break In August. Jonathan Cheng is teaching the
Monday DDk class, which starts at 6:30. We had about 10 students last week. Peter Nelson will be teaching two more
SDK classes, on Wednesdays, July 19 and 26. Peter will be teaching less next year, so catch him while you can!


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