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[ORE] Understanding how to calculate powers


I'm trying to wrap my head around character creation as that seems to be the one facet of this rule set that is stumping me.

The first character that I'm trying to create is a heavy bruiser with regen and invuln.

I was trying regen with engulf, permanent, self only, attached (invuln), and no physical change. 4HD came out for me at 4p per dice (32)

Then I had invuln with interference, permanent, automatic. Came out to 26p per dice

I was pumping up body with a bunch of hyper dice.

For whatever reason I couldn't get the math to come out correctly for myself with the hyper dice and those two powers so far.

Any assistance in showing exactly how everything works on powers would be greatly appreciated.

I was trying to use the Excel character creator, but I'm not sure if I'm doing that correctly either. I have attached what I've created so far, any critiquing of how to properly use the excel would be appreciated.

Thank you so much.


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