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[Seattle Go Center] Watch the weather and the time for Ratings Tournament

Dear Go Players,


Here’s a friendly reminder that Daylight Savings Time ends tonight.  So you get an extra hour of sleep, and the Ratings Tournament registration starts at 10 am Standard Time.


The weather is less definite.  From what is predicted presently, the Ratings Tournament will be held tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 5.  The Go Center is at a low elevation, so we shouldn’t get much snow. If that changes, we will send out another email (assuming we have power.)  But please be careful about your local conditions, which may be worse.



Brian Allen


Brian Allen

General Manager

Seattle Go Center

www.seattlego.org  web

manager@seattlego.org email

206 545-1424 phone Go Center

206 632-1122 phone home office



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