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[Seattle Go Center] 40 Players at Jin Chen Tournament

Dear Go Center Members,


We had 40 players at the Jin Chen Tournament, held last Sunday, Jan. 7.   Eight players were in the Open Section, with five them 6D or stronger.  The winner of the Open Section was Sorin Gherman, with a 3-0 record.  Three players had a 2-1 record: Xinlei (Alex) Liu, Yue Zhang, and Guangqiu Liang.  Alex was award 2nd place, because he was undefeated in the first two rounds.  He also had the highest “SOSW” (sum of opponent scores) of the three players.  Sorin Gherman hasn’t played much at the Seattle Go Center, but he did come to the Anniversary Tournament in October, 2017, when his record was 1-2.  He also played in the U.S. Open Masters Division in San Diego in 2017.


We had three handicapped sections.  The top section, Dan to 2 Kyu, was won by Xingyu Liu, with second place to Chengxuan Li.  The middle section, 4 Kyu to 9 Kyu, was won by John Hogan, who was visiting from Arizona.  John, a long time supporter of the Go Center,  also won last year.  Second place in the middle section went to Ray Illian, and third place to young Brian Dai.  The Double Digit Kyu section was won by Austin Li, with second place going to Rodney Deacon.


The  Children’s Prize went to Xingyu Liu, who also  won the top handicapped section.  He will age out of the under 18 category next year.


The Open Section has been rated already by the American Go Association.  The handicapped sections will probably be rated next week; all our players are now up to date with the AGA.


The next tournament with prizes will be the Youth Tournament on the afternoon of March 25.  For adults, the next big tournament at the Go Center is the Spring Tournament, which will be held all day May 6.




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