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[Seattle Go Center] Big Tournament this Sunday Jan. 7 - Open to all

Dear Go Players,


The Jin Chen Tournament is the biggest tournament of the year at the Seattle Go Center, and it is happening this Sunday, Jan. 7 at the Go Center.  This tournament has cash prizes, with the first place prize in the open section winning $300. The open section will be limited to the top 8 players who register.  There will also be cash prizes in the handicapped sections, and a $50 prize for the youth player with the best won lost record. Of course, youth players can also win a regular prize at the same time.


There is a fee of $10 for youth and voting members, and $15 for all others.  The tournament is AGA rated,  so please make sure your AGA (American Go Association) membership is up to date before you come.  Registration for the tournament is the day of the event, from 10 to 10:30 a.m.  The tournament should be over by 5:30.


This tournament is open to all who pay the fee, and who are AGA members.  There is no citizenship requirement for our tournaments.  The AGA membership form asks about citizenship, but that is only an issue for a few national tournaments, not for us.  It is also my understanding that players who are not U.S. citizens can accept prize money.  The rules for prizes are much less restrictive than for employment.



Brian Allen

General Manager

Seattle Go Center




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