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[ORE] Adding extras to Body Stat

Hey Everyone,

First time running ORE and I'm starting with an origin story in Wild Talents.  Sitting down and building powers for characters is definitely the best way to get to know the system but I've been having trouble with one characters attack power.  He is interested in "powers like Luke Cage" so i'm trying to figure out he best way to give him a brawling ability that is effective and dangerous for a street level game.

Human version (Originally built with 100 points for their origin adventure)
Body 2
Brawling 2

So i know that extras can be added to the body stat but i can't find in the Essential edition exactly how the costs work.  Dose the cost of the extra apply to each die of the stat like a normal power and then effect every action they use the Body dice for?

So here is what i'm thinking of doing to the above character and how I think it would work/cost.

+2 Body Hyperstats (8 pts)
+4 Brawling Hyperskills (4 pts)

Now charater has 
4d Body
4d Brawling

Extras: Total cost +6
Deadly (+2) Brawling and melee weapons(?) now do width in S/K.
Power Capacity: Mass (+2) For some knock back  (Or do i need attack power quality first?)
2 x Booster (+1)

So I think it would be 6(for the extras times 4 for the current Body (6x4= 24)

That 24 plus hyperstat cost of 8 and hyperskill cost of 4 (24+8+4= 36)

So for a total of 36 points (on top of his original build) the character has this attack?
Body + Brawling  (10d)
Deadly - Dose width in S/K
Mass (5,000 Lbs)
Lift (40,000 Lbs)
Throw 10 yards (5,000 Lbs)
Sprint 60 yards (about 60 MPH)
Jump 20/4 yards

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