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[Seattle Go Center] Pro visit starts soon

Dear Go Players,


The Nihon Ki-in Pro, Chang Ruei Jie, will be arriving in Seattle tomorrow, Friday.

He is young – only 19.  He became pro at 17, and now he is a 2 dan.  As you might expect for a young pro, he is very interested in AlphaGo.  We look forward to hearing his reaction to the AlphaGo games.


On Saturday, March 17, he will be visiting the Go class at the Northwest Chinese School, and then coming to the Go Center to play simultaneous games, starting at 4:00.   Last I checked, there were still three places available.  ($10) Please email me if you are interested in playing. Everybody is welcome to watch.


On Sunday, March 18, we have a one day workshop with Mr.  Chang.   We will know more about what he is planning after he gets to Seattle tomorrow.  But I am sure participants will have a chance to get personal advice and instruction during the workshop.  The workshop could be fairly small, but it is definitely running.  If you are coming to the workshop, bring some records of your games, if you have them. For more information on the workshop, and to register, use this link: http://www.seattlego.org/one-day-pro-workshop/


We will have free classes on Monday evening and Wednesday evening, and more simultaneous games on Tuesday.  Our events page has the details. http://www.seattlego.org/events/



Brian Allen




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