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[Seattle Go Center] Go Center Hiring Program Manager

Dear Go Center Members,

I have been Manager of the Go Center for almost 10 years now.  While I have enjoyed my long employment with the Seattle Go Center, and I am very proud of our many accomplishments, I would like to scale back my responsibilities in the fall of this year and do more photography.  We will divide my current job as General Manager into two part-time positions: “Operations Manager” and “Program Manager”.   I would like to continue as the Operations Manager, with responsibility for the building, maintenance, bookkeeping, and tax reports.  We are looking to hire a new Program Manager.

The Program Manager would schedule, organize, and promote all our classes, open play times, events, workshops, go clubs, and outreach.  This is a paid part time position (50 hours a month) with flexible hours and some work required on weekends and evenings.  The Program Manager would manage the email list, the website, and our social media.  The Program Manager also has responsibility for encouraging and supporting diverse membership in the Go Center.  I am happy to report that I have had great support from both volunteers and our paid day managers on these projects, and so the list of tasks is long but not impossible.  I think the Program Manager position could be filled by somebody whose day job does not require long hours.

If you are interested in the new Program Manager position, please contact me for more information.  We are definitely interested in filling this position by the fall, and an earlier start is possible.  Interviews for this position will be scheduled starting May 5, 2018.




General Manager,

Seattle Go Center



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