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[Seattle Go Center] Spring Tournament this Sunday, May 6

Dear Go Players,

The Spring Tournament is one of our three big tournaments of the year -- there will be cash prizes, plus book prizes and
equipment prizes and with special prizes for youth. No matter what your level is, this is a great way to play some intense
Go face to face. We will have three rounds and use Japanese rules. Last year, we had 34 players ranging from 7 dan to
22 kyu.

The Open Section has all even games, and is limited to the top 8 players who want to play in it. First place in the Open
Section wins a prize of $150. (If there are at least 4 people in the Open Section.) There will be no second prize. The
Handicapped Section will have book and equipment prizes. Everybody who wins three games will be invited to choose a
book or equipment prize. The Youth Prize is for players under 18. It is $50, and it will be divided among all youth
players who win all three of their games. Youth players can win regular prizes concurrently.

Entry fee: $10 general admission, $5 youth and voting members. Registration is from 10 -10:45 sharp. First round 11:00
am, second round 1:30 pm, third round 3:30 pm.

This is an American Go Association rated tournament, and AGA membership is required; please make sure your
membership is current. More info on membership at www.usgo.org If your first game runs long, you do not have
much time for lunch. We recommend that you bring food to the Go Center, rather than planning on going out to get

Brian Allen

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